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Next open stages now online. Run the stunning Basque coast early May 2021.
let's conquer
the European coast
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the journey across the european coast
european coast
Mare Nostrum is the longest relay run ever, covering all European shores.
It’s a journey of co-creation that will be ran by teams covering 100km each. We invite each team to pick a Stage and contribute to this unforgettable adventure.
If you do, you’ll start running at 7 a.m. on a day and place of your choice from a designated list, taking a symbol that will travel the entire coast and will be passed on from team to team. You have to reach the end of your Stage within 24 hours where you will hand over the symbol to the other team.
to co-achieve
We will run the European coast together.
Every 24h one team will run a Stage of 100km.
Stage by stage
Team by team,
Day by day,
We will bridge the entire coastline of Europe.
Together, we will prove anything is possible.
to co-create
A symbol of the project will be passed on from team to team travelling the whole traject.
This symbol will be an hourglass. In Dutch - the language of the starting point - ‘hourglass’ is translated to ‘sand runner’ as the sand literally runs from one part to the other. Like the sand running from one place to another, we will run from A to B.
During each Stage each team will add local sand particles to the symbol co-creating an hourglass that will contain sand of every piece of beach in Europe. Travelling the European shores we will encounter magnificent places. To capture this immense beauty each team will take a picture of the symbol every 10k. The end goal is to co-create a unique book & collection co-written by thousands of people.
to co-inspire
Being part of a movement, we want to co-inspire and support three charitable pillars.
The first pillar is helping physically disabled people. We want to show limits can be pushed.
The second pillar is fighting mental challenges & prevention of suicide. We want to be a source of inspiration and create collective energy to fight hopelessness.
The third pillar is stopping plastic littering in sea & oceans. We want to show the endless treasure nature has given us and clean-up beaches.
The Book co-written by thousands of people
Every 10km the contestants take a picture of the mini-figure and the shore to create a beautiful and unique book mapping our route and showing all the extraordinary places.
Hundreds of unknown harbours, cliffs, lighthouses, villages, romantic bays or idyllic fjords will be captured. The figure will travel the whole coast but its shirt will be custom to the stage showing the stage number and specific, local attributes will be joined to create a book that is both creating the illusion the same mini-figure traveled the whole shore as establishing a personal and local touch.
Mare Nostrum in a nutshell
Stage by Stage, team by team we will run Europe’s coastline. Together.
the causes we do it for, our charities.
At Mare Nostrum we plan to support 3 pillars of charity as we feel they relate in a very strong way to the challenge we commit to. We invite teams to support a charity cause by linking the completion of their Stage to raising funds or awareness.
Donate to a charity
We want to inspire people to challenge their limits and support organizations helping people to get the most out of their disability or doing scientific research to improve medical solutions.
Mental health issues are becoming our society’s biggest problem. People are craving for purpose and belonging. We want to connect people again. Second we want to raise funds for organizations fighting suicide and mental diseases.
sea solution of plastic
Mare Nostrum is all about discovering the incredible treasures Mother Earth has given us. We want to raise awareness and gather funds to stop littering, gather and recycle plastic and find durable solutions for the future.
are you ready to be part of something big?
We have to admit, this is a crazy challenge.
The idea would stay an empty shell without your courage and commitment, engaging yourself to completing 100km. We are grateful for the energy and drive of already hundreds of people who joined the Mare Nostrum, transforming this crazy idea into an unforgettable journey of people building something as unforgettable together.
‘No human is limited’ - E. Kipchoge, runner
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