of Engagement.


In the early stage of the Mare Nostrum only one team can be assigned to one particular stage. Once all stages are registered we will open registrations for multiple teams per stage. members of the teams registered to a stage will be named Shoreholders as they are responsible to cover a particular part - 100km - of Shore in 24 hours to enable the next team to start their respective stage (relay). The ‘team leader’, the first person to register to a particular Stage, will be the Main Shoreholder and will be responsible for handing over the symbol and end-responsible for the collection of the pictures as well as the transfer towards the organization.


The organization of Mare Nostrum will ask an ‘Early Bird’ registration fee of 199 euros. This fee will be used mainly for the creation, the editing and production of the book that will be co-written by all Shoreholders and their collection of pictures.

Join a team

To register for a specifc Stage and join the Mare Nostrum challenge you will need to create a profile first. If you want to join a team you will need an invite code from the Main Shoreholder of a Stage.

Minimum Age

The Mare Nostrum will not allow participation of people younger than 18 age to safeguard their safety.

During The Stage - Running


The ultimate goal of this journey is to create something magical together. Please be aware that the whole journey is a chain of stages of 100km ran by different teams of different backgrounds. Mare Nostrum is not a race, but a relay and it is critical that the timing per stage is respected.


As there will be no food or drink supply during the trail, nor guidelines or marks on the road it is critical to be fully prepared. We therefore advise to prepare your food cautiously. We expect participants to carry their own food and drinks but also the object and the photo as we want to keep quality and format of the pictures taken consistent. We estimate you to carry up to 8 kg (with 3kg water, 3kg food and 2kg electronics)

Plan your route

The total coastline we will run is about 100.000km which is the reason the Mare Nostrum organization will only provide you with your starting position and ending position and a clear description of both, in addition to an allocation to a specific date. The route upfront and roadbook of your Stage is for you and your team to prepare. There are 3 main documents to help you plan: The List of Stages, The Map of Stages and The Shore Inventory

Follow the Coast

As our goal is to follow and to map the outlines of the European coast we will follow certain rules of engagement.

  • We will not take boats to cross waterways and we will always aim to run as close to the coast as possible.
  • The most common exception are the crossing of harbors where runners are not allowed to enter industrial zones and can just follow the public roads to cross the harbor.
  • Third, when encountering peninsulas we advise everyone to follow the coast as close as possible and not skip them. Please be advised that we calculated these kilometers when setting up the roadmap. On the map we often encounter natural parks, little streams or small waterpools. Please be therefore prepared to wet your feet.
  • Bridges connecting islands are considered to include these islands as main land and bridges crossing rivers are also considered as ‘coast’. Therefore it is possible that either islands - not connected to the main lands will be included or that lakes or fjords will not be ran entirely when a bridge connects both sides of the river.

Track Length

The track we have outlined is an approximation of the actual track you will be able to run. It is very possible that the total distance you will actually run or travel will be lower or higher than the 100km we estimated per Stage. To preserve the sequence and the scheduled Stages of others we will respect the outlined track in the map you will receive as close as possible. Be prepared to have a margin of error in the Stage you will be taken. The Mare Nostrum organization cannot be held accountable for differences between the actual track length and the estimated track length.

Inclusion or Exclusion

The Mare Nostrum holds the right to include or exclude parts of shore. In general bridges are considered as connection medium between land but in very specific cases (if the bridge is too long and will exclude a significant part of land) the bridge will not be the connecting medium. In general tunnels will not be taken to connect islands to the track but if the island is an Extremity (eg. Nordkapp) the Mare Nostrum holds the right to include this island to the track.


The Mare Nostrum organization is not responsible for any accidents that may occur during the event, nor is it responsible for any support in the form of medical assistance or the provision of food or other forms of assistance.

During The Stage - Photos


The goal is to build a photobook consisting of pictures that are taken by you - The Shoreholders - and co-write and co-design a book that will map the whole coast of Europe.

Symbol Travelling

The symbol that will travel with you and will be handed over from team to team is yet to be decided. You are welcome to submit any ideas about this. The organization will make sure the symbol is not too big or too heavy to carry. This symbol cannot be stolen or borrowed and is the responsibility of the Main Shoreholder.

Pictures Agreements

Upon registration the Shoreholders commit to take pictures of the highlights of the Stage or at least every 10km per stage. These highlights are pre-defined in the Shore Inventory. The format and the device will be pre-defined by the organization. Please read the Photo Instructions (To Add) carefully.

Pictures Device

The device will be given by the organization and be passed on from team to team as we want to safeguard the quality of the pictures.

Battery Pack

It is mandatory to carry a fully-charged battery pack per team as both the ‘Device’ and the ‘Tracker’ will need energy from this charger. This is CRITICAL as these objects will always be on the move and will not have a docking station to charge. Please do make sure you foresee for at least 4 cycles of battery.

The Start & Handover


Every day on a specific location and a specific moment one team will finish while another team will start their journey. At this moment on that location the items will be handed over and the teams will have time to connect.


The START of every Stage is at 7am strictly. As it is critical for every Team to have sufficient time to cover and enjoy their Stage this time will need to be respected at all times, therefore we ask both Teams to finish at 6.45am the latest as there are several items to hand over and ideally there is some time to catch-up and connect.

Should the Finishing Team be delayed by unforeseen circumstances - such as weather or injury - it is the duty of the Finishing Team to inform the Starting Team and the Mare Nostrum organization - via - of their delay with an estimated time of arrival. The Live Tracker will also enable all participants to see real-time data. The Buffer Stages - 1 per 10 stages - will be used to absorb potential time delays.

Location Description & Coordinates

Per stage there will be a clear description and coordinates of the EXACT starting location. It is CRITICAL that both the Starting Team and the Finishing Team are on the exact location. The location will be determined by 3

  • Coordinates
  • Description
  • Picture / Map of the surroundings with a marker on the right spot

Finishing Early

It is possible and very probably that the Finishing Team will not finish exactly at 7am next day. In this case it is MANDATORY for the team (minimum the Main Shoreholder) to hand over the items between 6.30am and 7am. At 7am exactly there has to be physical contact between Main Shoreholders of both teams by the ceremonial handover of the Token. We understand practical implications are not easy because it means potentially the Main Shoreholder has to come back to the location but we feel this is critical to the values and operations of the Mare Nostrum. It is not allowed to hide or place the items to hand over on a location without being present.

Contact between teams

The Main Shoreholder of the Finishing Team will be provided with the contact details (number, email ..) of the Main Shoreholder of the Starting Team. In addition the Running Team will carry the Tracker which will give the supporters and the Starting Team the possibility to have real-time information on whereabouts.

Items To Carry

The below items are mandatory and should be carried by the Shoreholder team at all times:

Provided by the organization:

  • Tracker (provided by Mare Nostrum and to be carried by the Main Shoreholder)
  • Picture Device (provided by Mare Nostrum and passed on from team to team)
  • The Symbol / Hourglass (provided by Mare Nostrum and passed on from team to team)

Not provided by the organization

  • Battery Pack
  • Food over 3000 calories per Shoreholder
  • Water and other drinks
  • Personal ID
General Organization

Buffer Stages

To anticipate unforeseen circumstances we plan to insert Buffer Stages in the planning to ‘avoid errors to propagate through the chain’. For the first couple of Stages we foresee 1 Buffer Stage every 10 stages, planned after every Stage number that can be divided by 10. These Buffers are planned to avoid delays that may occur caused by teams that either take longer than the foreseen 24 hours to cover a stage, either by weather conditions that do not allow walking or by injury, fracture or other events that cannot be foreseen.

Buffer Stages - Handover

If a Buffer Stage is organized the handover is done on the morning of the Starting Stage, meaning the Finishing Team (running on Day x) is required to stay during the Buffer Stage (Day x + 1) in the region to do the handover on the early morning of (Day x + 2).

General Start - Time & Location

The general start of the Mare Nostrum is foreseen on the 1st July 2019 at the Belgian / Dutch border. The first Stage therefore will be moving South travelling the Belgian coast and arriving in France. The reason for starting here is threefold. First of all, Belgium is the symbolic heart of Europe, the heart of the region which coasts we are about to cover. Second, practically it makes a lot of sense to start at this particular location as travelling South will allow us travel multiple countries and cross even more borders creating opportunities to meet different identities, involve different nationalities and local communities creating stories that are diverse and connect to a very broad scope of people and nations. This will give us sufficient leverage and momentum to start the second Leg of the Journey, traveling from North (Norway) back to the Netherlands.

Shore Inventories

The Shore Inventory gathers the most significant highlights you will encounter on your Stage and gives you an impression of the track, route and type of soil you will be running on. You can use the Shore Inventory as a basis to start planning. We will use the Shore Inventory to determine where we want to shoot videos and images.